#4 Measuring Audience Engagement from the Brain
Feb 24th, 2023 - Feb 23rd, 2024 10:00 AM WIB

#4 Measuring Audience Engagement from the Brain

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Too often we measure audience satisfaction via NPS (Net Promoter Score), asking 'How likely to recommend this event?' / 'How much you like this event?'

However this is not as accurate as their subconscious reaction based on attention & emotion. Celebrating St. Valentine's Day on 14th Feb, we as event planners must do a better job in measuring this!

What if we could easily measure engagement accurately with scientifically proven result?

What if we could test our event plan to minimize risk & predict attendee engagement?
Since planning event takes lots of time, effort, & resources, with no guarantee of success.

Introducing: IMMERSION, a method developed by Paul Zak, a world-renown neuroscientist who has measured engagement in over 50,000 brains!!

Not only has Paul been able to predict the success of films via its trailer & songs pre-publishing, he has also helped world class planners to predict their event success, while measuring second-by-second audience immersion for continuous improvement!

Example, Accenture utilizes Paul's method to measure employee immersion during training.

Paul is kind enough to share his expertise so we as SMART Event Designers will learn:
1) What is immersion & why important
2) Difference of immersion vs liking
3) Measuring immersion + case study

You will also get to measure your own immersion during the event!

Simply use/buy any of these smart watches at the local e-commerce:
- CooSpo HW706 Armband Heart Rate Monitor
- Apple Watch (>Series 3)
- GoogleWear OS

We will then help install the Immersion sofware to help measure.
PS: If you can't attend, just register, we will send the recording =)


This event schedule is outlined below:

  •   24/02/2023
  •   10:00 s/d 10:05

Neuroscience of storytelling

What's immersion & insights from measuring 50k brains?!

  •   24/02/2023
  •   10:05 s/d 10:15

Event immersion vs liking

Difference & benefits of measuring immersion vs asking feedback

  •   24/02/2023
  •   10:15 s/d 10:45

Measure immersion & case study

Example of measuring immersion in event, film & ads

  •   24/02/2023
  •   10:45 s/d 11:00

Q&A & Discussion

Answer questions & dive deeper into each topic


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